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MAWU | LISÀ – Great Aura & Enlightening Presence – AGUÉ•YOVOS

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Babacar Samba Naudin, Jeffrey Nkanka (Deejay Jewell), Gauderic Vilmaure, Giovanni Degbadjo, Paul Amadou Samb and Yann Ebong © Ankom Dreams

It is black skin which is the first skin, since it is the skin most resistant to the sun, if we take Albinos we understand all the races according to the degrees of capacity to support Light". Raïmi Amoussa, Metaphysician and Visual artist


The writing of this article was inspired by the particularity of the Agué–Yovos* [Albinos] and by the ultimate conviction that there was a Cosmic Dimension to their incarnation. However, I had to find sources, convincing and cultural elements that confirm it from a Kamite (black) perspective. My research on albinism made me discover Raïmi Amoussa, a metaphysician/plastic artist expert in the Consultation of the Fâ [Dahomean Metaphysics]. By browsing the video devoted to this subject, I discovered crucial information which confirmed my feelings regarding Agué–Yovos. The article will feature, from a lunar perspective, 7 specificities linked to this incarnation, one of which will be addressed by Princess Ronda Mady whom I met in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) in the Fashion industry at a certain a time when I believed I could achieve fame through this niche without suspecting that it was writing that would reveal me to the world, thus allowing me to achieve notoriety. Recognizable by the beauty of her luno-solar skin, the orange coloring of her hair and the carmine red of her lips, her fingernails and toenails, Princess is an unparalleled beauty. She is also distinguished by her great insight and quick wit. She will share with you the luno-solar perspective linked to her incarnation as Agué–Yovos, thus reflecting all the splendor of the divine creation of Mawu • Lisa*.

Agué–Yovos*: is a term used to designate Albinos in the Fon language, one of the Peoples of the Dahomean Nation. This word alludes to the color of their skin and their particularity from a cosmic and metaphysical angle. This term cannot therefore be literally translated as Albino because in the French language, this terminology is associated with an illness, which is not the case in the Fon language and in the Dahomean tradition.

Mawu • Lisà *: Mawu is a lunar creative divinity governed by the Sacred Feminine. She is combined with Lisà her binone governed by the Masculine Principle and who is a solar creative divinity. Mawu • Lisà in its two polarities is considered a supreme entity in Voodoo spirituality among the Ewe, Minan and Fon People-Nations.


A three-week-old Agué-Yovo (Albino) infant sleeping next to his cousin in Kinshasa, Kongo.

To give birth to albino children, both parents must carry the gene. It may be a melaninated couple, or a couple with one of the two albino parents and the other melaninated or even a couple with both albino parents. Albinism, present throughout the world, is characterized by a melanin deficiency in body pigmentation, hair and eyes. Albino people generally have both ocular and cutaneous albinism.

Cutaneous – cutaneous albinism is characterized by extremely white/bright skin. The range of skins varies significantly depending on the community from which the albino person comes. The hair coloring of albino people is mainly blonde with some orange/red variations in certain individuals.

Ocular – ocular albinism is manifested by great sensitivity to sunlight and difficulty seeing correctly. There are also albino people who do not have apparent albinism of the skin, but only of the eyes.

Two Kemit children, one of whom is an Agué-Yovos (Albino)


Al Houssein Sidibé, Presenter and Columnist of the C'MIDI show in Yahmessou (Ivory Coast) - Bazin © Anzul Official

The distrust of which they are the target comes from an obscurantism within the Kamite People-Nations wanting to believe that removing their organs through dismemberment or amputation would enable them to acquire wealth. However, what these people do not know is that they will never obtain glory, based on the dismemberment of beings possessing paranormal powers. On the contrary, this way of proceeding adds a heavy karmic debt to them and you should also know that when the Agué–Yovos: “come into an environment and you discredit them, the environment is out of whack, notice that, cracked little by little. » Idem It is therefore essential to protect the Agué–Yovos from unhealthy individuals wanting to dispossess them of their vital energy and at the same time make people aware of their genetic condition on the physical and metaphysical levels.

Al Houssein Sidibé, Avril 20, 2021 © Anzul Official

Al Houssein Sidibé, © Anzul Official


Jewell Jeffrey, Model and DJ - October 04, 2015

Before Princess Ronda Mady speaks about the luno-solar vision of her incarnation, I would like to present the cosmic dimension of her specificity. The Agué–Yovos are sacred beings who reflect light. The divine origin from which they come makes them extraordinary beings who should be properly appreciated. Wealth and luck are two elements associated with them because of the uniqueness of their incarnation, their rarity and the ease with which they stand out from others because they are spotted with disconcerting ease. They are endowed with remarkable intelligence and great intuition. They are linked in South Benin to the divinity Mawu • Lisà and at the same time symbolize the underground and aquatic world. They are governed by the law of exceptions as Raïmi Amoussa underlines by specifying that: “this is what we call exceptions in the lineage of beings who come to earth, you know everything that is in the invisible is in the visible [...] those are beings who belong to a normal lineage of beings linked to given energies and those are these energies that people like to use for black magic. They guarantee an elevation of spirit, a high spirituality, it is therefore not surprising that the metaphysician par excellence affirms with conviction that: “albinos are truly divinities, let us have the courage to say it, they are beings to be respected [...] because more sensitive to the parallel world than to the physical world notice that [...] their organs are frequently higher, despite the fact that their appearance is weak because we forget that physical appearance does not exclude metaphysical force, this is the error that we commit [...] at home in the Adjata, Nago, Yoruba tradition they are exceptional beings, incarnated Djôtoh that is- that is, the deities who wanted to tell you, do you believe that we do not exist? » Originating from a Parallel World, the astral lunar light constitutes an energy which permeates them and from which they feed. The notion of reincarnation and the ancestral lineage of each family in which Agué–Yovos are found will allow us to understand why they are a source of blessing because in reality: “they are totem beings who come to remind us of the 'order' Idem

Jewell Jeffrey, December 17, 2016 © Kytao frenchcut


Princesse Ronda Mady - September 10, 2017

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I would first like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Ronda Princesse Mady, I am a 30-year-old young woman of Congolese origin who has lived in Montreal for around twenty years. I am a French teacher and I work in a primary school in the west of the island. In my early twenties, I started modeling after being spotted by Paule-Marie Assandre. I was the face of his Nikaule brand, then I was spotted by Jean-Paul Gaultier during the striped ball festival in 2011, organized in his honor by the city of Montreal. He asked me to walk the runway in his famous Bourgeoisie sans age show during the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival. In 2012, I also showed during Montreal Fashion Week for local designers, including Denis Gagnon and Anomal Couture. Then, in 2013 and 2015, I showed for designers from here and elsewhere, such as Helmer Joseph, Ralph Leroy and Adama Paris during Black Fashion Week in Montreal. This is how I met Kugaruka during a casting. Finally, in 2016, I stopped modeling to focus on my teaching studies, but I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be an extra for the X-MEN Apocalypse film filmed in Montreal and released the next year. Although my appearance was brief and most of the scenes I had shot were cut, I was so excited and delighted to have been a part of one of my favorite films and to have met internationally renowned actors . In short, here is my professional portrait in a few lines.

My albinisim interpretation

Princesse Ronda Mady - December 05, 2016, Stylism Virandy Mayamba ©Amine Frigui

If I was able to have the chance to live all these experiences and to get noticed, it is not only because of my charisma, my attractive physique and my strong personality, but also because of my albinism. Indeed, I am amelanic, that is to say that I was simply born with a hereditary genetic condition which is characterized by a deficit in melanin production, hence my porcelain skin, my golden blond hair and my green eyes. I am also unable to tan, which is why I protect my skin from UV rays by generously applying sunscreen daily to reduce the risk of burns and cancer. However, albinism is not a disease. Apart from the precautions mentioned above, I do not “suffer” from having white skin. It is neither contagious nor fatal! To me, it's just a common physical trait. My skin is white, so what? I see no problem with it and it goes over my head. I don't wake up every morning looking in the mirror and wishing I didn't have black skin! My albinism does not define me as an individual. It's not a handicap either, since it doesn't prevent me from doing everything everyone else does on a daily basis. I am not limited or disadvantaged in any way, although I am nearsighted and sometimes need to wear my glasses. So, there is nothing serious about being amelanic. I am often asked what is the biggest challenge you face when you are an albino or what is the most difficult to live with. Well, what I find very hard, honestly, is putting up with people’s stupidity and ignorance!!! It's painful, because I will have to face it ad vitam aeternam. I constantly and perpetually have to endure stupid and twisted questions, as well as racist and offensive comments. I have many funny and surprising anecdotes to share on this subject, but I will come back to them later.


Princesse Ronda Mady, October16, 2011 © Léonidas

First of all, I would like to start by talking about my childhood. I only have beautiful memories of my early childhood spent in Brussels and Kinshasa. I was lucky enough to be pampered and pampered, I attended the best schools, I never lacked for anything and my parents were always loving, considerate and full of concern. I was both a mama's girl and a daddy's girl (he was the one who gave me the first name Princess). My parents took all necessary means to take care of me and protect me. So I grew up in a loving home with my four sisters. Indeed, I have an older sister who is also amelanic and I have a twin sister who is not. We are dizygotic twins, so we don't look alike at all. My twin has dark skin, which is why people have always had a hard time believing that we are actually twins. Sometimes we had to prove it with our identity documents which attest to our last name and date of birth. Once people were convinced, a bombardment of questions inevitably followed. No one could understand that we were fraternal twins, but that we did not have the same skin color or quite simply why a human being could have such white skin! So, from a very young age, our parents had already explained to us how to answer these types of questions, so that the little girl that I was, at the time, was already able to understand complex concepts such as genetics , heredity and twinning! In short, my twin sister and I never asked our parents why we were different, it was completely normal, in our eyes, to not look alike and we didn't understand why that intrigued the other children so much. The latter were, moreover, not evil, simply intrigued, curious or fascinated. It was when we arrived in Canada that I seriously suffered from the cruelty of children. This is how, at the age of 9, I discovered that I was not only different in the eyes of others, but strange, abnormal, even frightening. And I weigh my words…

Intimidation, racism and discrimination

Princesse Ronda Mady - January 11, 2017, MUA Virandy Mayamba © Amine Frigui

In elementary school, I experienced a lot of bullying. I was harassed by certain students who spent their time insulting and attacking me. I experienced everything, insults, spitting, objects thrown in my direction, and to a lesser extent, physical violence. Other students were afraid of me; they moved away and fled when I passed, they did not touch me, much less touched objects that I had touched and they even went so far as to scream when I got too close to them. I was literally treated like a plague victim, because I had committed the crime of being born with transparent skin! As a little girl, I was annoyed by so much gratuitous nastiness. Having done nothing wrong, I didn't understand why I deserved everything that happened to me. Despite everything, I still had a few friends who were kind and open-minded and who accepted me as I was. They defended me tooth and nail against the attacks I suffered. When I reached high school, I honestly had enough. I understood that ignoring people was not an effective method. I realized that although I never cried in front of my detractors and always held my head high even when many of them came together to attack me, that did not stop them from continuing. It was time I found a way to make them stop for good. There is no point in reasoning with bullies. Facing them is not enough either. They must be corrected. Far be it from me to condone violence, but when I started to attack my attackers, they quickly stood up!

One insult, one comment too many and I would make a scene or threaten my opponents.

I wasn't letting anything pass anymore. In no time, all my detractors learned to keep their heads down. I gained peace and respect by imposing fear. They understood that they could no longer attack me, at the risk of getting beaten up. On the long list of my pranks, there were fights, assault, harassment, threats, intimidation, etc. For example, I once followed a student home to settle her score, because she had the audacity to call me a white regression, among other things. I also sprayed bleach on a student in my class, because he said my mother had dropped me in a basin of bleach and that was why I was so white (don't worry, fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't become an albino!) All my packages were carefully planned with the help of my friends. And I admit that I took pleasure in doing myself justice. Obviously, I had to deal with the police and I was heavily punished at school. However, I was an intelligent, conscientious and shy student, my teachers and the school administration were disconcerted by my violent outbursts. I was even forced to meet with a psychoeducator to manage my anger.

However, I wasn't angry. I just did what I had to do to survive, no more, no less. I don't regret having done this and if I had to do it again, I would do the same thing, if not worse. These traumas shaped my character and made me stronger, more seasoned, more confident. Today, I experience all of this with a more casual attitude, which people interpret as pretentiousness. But whatever, I pride myself on being very proud, no offense! The intimidation and racism of which I was a victim certainly marked me, but not as much as the rejection I suffered from my own “peers”. Indeed, what shocked me the most was experiencing discrimination from Africans and West Indians. How could members of my own community ostracize me? Why did my peers make me endure what they themselves criticize Westerners for? I found it hard to believe that albinism, as common as it was among Afros, was something they knew little about and did not accept. I was totally dismayed, because I was discriminated against by both “whites” and “blacks” always on the basis of my skin color. What irony!!!

Besides, you can't imagine how much I laugh when I speak during a debate on discrimination and some Afro-descendants look at me with a curious look or when my opinion on the issue is directly called into question. subject. Which means, according to them, I cannot understand their experience, because I am an albino. The good joke! Sometimes, I watch the very people who have already made discriminatory remarks against me loudly denounce racism and I cannot help but be revolted by such hypocrisy. I have a plethora of examples of situations of this kind where I have been confronted with the stupidity and ignorance of some of my colleagues, but I will stop there, because I will say that they are not only imbeciles and hypocrites ad nauseam!

Interpersonal relationships

Princesse Ronda Mady and Ogboye Muyisi Olushola - December 14, 2013

I mentioned previously that when I committed my escapades at school, I was often supported by friends. I didn't have many, but I could count on them; they were loyal and very protective. We are still friends to this day. However, it hasn’t been easy for me to surround myself with people. Between my distrust, the stupidity and the perfidy of others (which are unbearable to me), it is not easy to build relationships. The people I consider friends, I have known them for ten or even twenty years. If we're close so far, it's not just because they don't care about the color of my skin. It’s mainly because they went beyond my appearance to get to know me and appreciate my true worth. Over the years, they put up with my toughness, my intransigence, my outspokenness and my dark humor. Indeed, I often make (very) bad taste jokes about albinism and I love self-deprecation! This is my way of raising awareness about albinism and reducing the discrimination that results from it. Honestly, it was easier to make friends than to make loves. Most people believe that because I am pretty, elegant and intelligent, it is only natural that men like me and have a string of suitors wooing me. Think again!

It's difficult for me to get into a relationship with a man simply because, get this, some people don't want to be in a relationship with an albino! Yes, yes, they are ashamed, they are afraid of what people will say, they don't have enough guts to stand the gaze of others or they fear the opinion of those close to them about this relationship. unusual” with an amelanistic woman!

And if he married me and we had children, they would risk being born with this defect, what a misfortune! I'm not exaggerating, unfortunately. Some have already admitted to me, years later, that they had feelings for me, but they didn't have the courage to admit it at the time, because their friends would make fun of them . This is cowardice! Once I heard about a list of the most beautiful girls in school drawn up by boys. When a comrade had the crazy idea of ​​wanting to write my name there, he was called to order. I had nothing to do in this list, let’s see, I was “too white and ugly”! No, but what was going through his mind? Finding me attractive was heresy, imagine wanting to date me, social suicide! So, the guys who had a thing for me were careful not to flaunt it, because they were afraid of being rejected by their friends. Poor people! Myself, when I liked a boy, I never admitted it to him. What purpose would that have served? He would have kindly rebuffed me with flat excuses, when deep down, I already know the real reason. I often tell my loved ones, jokingly, that albinos have no right to love. This is in reference to these kinds of experiences that I had. Rejection hurts. But being rejected just because you have pale skin and he prefers to be with a “normal” girl is simply inconceivable, right? However, it did happen. I was hurt, but I understood. Of course, that’s normal! In elementary school, some students who liked me avoided hanging out with me, so it seemed completely logical to me, in high school and even in CEGEP, that the boys who liked me didn't want to show off. publicly with me.

I didn't even blame them. Why would they want to be with a rejected person who, moreover, does not meet the pre-established criteria of beauty? Of course, I could share several anecdotes of this kind, but it is not necessary, you will agree. This is why I have never really been popular with men. As an adult, however, I was a little luckier. Indeed, I came across men who didn’t really care that I was amelanic. In their eyes, I am beautiful, no matter my skin color. I have known good people who never treated me like I was different. They ignored my albinism so much that they never even mentioned it. The problem is that among the men I like, there are some who are unhealthy. Some people are fixated on my albinism. Imagine that complete strangers have already had to ask me what color my pubic hair was, other flirts have already told me that they wanted to sleep with me just because of the color of my penis or even that there should be an albino category on porn sites (I'll spare you the salacious details)! And if you knew how many times I’ve been told: “I’ve always dreamed of having an albino girlfriend” (who knows why!). (Laughs - Kugaruka)

You will agree that my distrust of men who come towards me has increased dramatically following such misadventures! I was afraid of meeting an obsessed person who wants to be with me just because I'm amelanic. As if that wasn't enough, I don't just have to be afraid of obsessed people, but also of "wizards". Let me explain: because of all the superstitions surrounding albinos, some men absolutely want to be in a relationship with me, because they believe in all kinds of nonsense. For example, they think that by having sex with an amelanistic woman, they can cure illnesses (STIs, HIV), be very lucky, earn a lot of money and thus succeed in life. I once overheard a conversation between a friend and a weirdo who begged him to introduce us, because, he argued, he absolutely needed my “star”! I was once chased during the night in Paris, by a man who was ready to pay me to follow him I don't know where, because he absolutely needed my "luck". (Laughs out loud - Kugaruka) He went so far as to grab my arm and take me away by force, until I was saved by a good Samaritan who was passing by, fortunately. I was once followed to my home, here in Montreal, by a strange man who absolutely wanted to touch my hair.

You see, according to these absurd myths about albinism, you can use part of an albino person's body (bones, blood, hair, etc.) to make charms that would bring luck, success and prosperity. . Obviously, I have other anecdotes of this kind in store that I will not take forever to tell. In short, because of the albino fetish, I have to be careful and very careful when I walk in the street or when I let a man approach me, because I don't know if he is malicious. The fact of not believing in these kinds of sordid beliefs does not protect me from malicious individuals who adhere to them and who are ready to do anything, in this case cut my hair or attack me. This is why I am always on my guard when approached and I am wary of strangers. So, there are not many contenders and when the time comes to comb through them, there are almost none left! I admit to being demanding and difficult when it comes to my selection criteria, but that is not the point. The point here was to make you understand how complicated it is for me to establish a relationship with others when some people don't want to be with an albino or want it for the wrong reasons. Rest assured, despite all these mishaps, my social and love life has not been a disaster!

Princesse Ronda Mady, December 19, 2011 © Nikaule


Babacar Samba Naudin, Jeffrey Nkanka (Deejay Jewell), Gauderic Vilmaure, Giovanni Degbadjo, Paul Amadou Samb and Yann Ebong © Ankom Dreams

Interactions – Family: Family members must be eminent protectors of the Agué-Yovos present within their family unit because they are an integral part of their own ancestral lineage. Parents like those of Princess must be informed and equipped with the genetic particularity of their child and take all necessary measures to ensure their protection [cream suitable for the body, put them in the shade while avoiding overexposure to the sun, ensuring a healthy diet that takes into consideration the constitution of their skin,...]. We must also create confidence in them while making them aware of their difference to allow them to have the tenacity to face adversity. Agué-Yovos children must feel the Love of their parent through kind words and concrete beneficial actions.

Friendships: Our interactions with the Agué-Yovos must be punctuated by thoughtful, authentic and high-level conversations. We must understand that we interact with beings who vibrate at another frequency. Therefore, our attitude should not reflect condescension, contempt, indifference or too much indulgence which could lead to laxity. We must stay in the right measure of things if we have the desire to build well-crafted cordial relationships or decisive Sparkling Friendships.

Lover: The Heart – Seat of the soul & Consciousness is the one which will bear witness to the Greatness of our words/actions or the Smallness of our words/actions. Personally, I would like to engage in a romantic friendship with an Agué-Yovos man (I already know what you're thinking, that's not all it's about). You see, I have always been attracted by the extraordinary and originality (I am living proof of that) and the Agué-Yovos have always pleased me without any fetishization on my part or a clear desire to wanting to monopolize their light (I already have the Cosmic Light in me). Anyone wishing to enter into a romantic relationship with these beings should know a few things and take precautions in advance to avoid offending these beloved and blessed souls. This involves, among other things, [Having a dissuasive strength of character and Clairvoyance to prevent people from attacking the Agué-Yovos with whom you are in a relationship, knowing that you will constantly be in the spotlight and in the critical eye of your detractors and critics, be up to the task, truthful and demanding (not too much anyway) to avoid upsetting the other or creating an atmosphere of unsaid things, mentally preparing yourself to welcome a or several Agué-Yovos children within your union, exercise caution and discretion to preserve your secret garden, etc...]

Genius – Remarkable Intelligence: The Agué-Yovos are beings of Remarkable Intelligence, that is undeniable. Princess's story can attest and corroborate my words. Why are they? Let me explain: they are confronted with hostility from their birth by creating the effect of surprise through their incarnation, it is obvious that they develop exceptional faculties adapted to the immediate environment in which they evolve which implies: [a very keen sense of observation since they are visible while being minimized, we cannot therefore suspect that they are brilliant, understand the relational dynamics of very pronounced way since they are the first to be indexed, detect the intentions of the people around them and know in advance what is in their favor or what is being planned against them,. ..]

Gifts & Natural Talents: The skin-deep sensitivity (and it's not just a play on words) of the Agué-Yovos allows them to excel in specific areas if they are given the opportunity to showcase their skills. Innate Gifts they have, such as Princess's Natural Talent for Writing. This is why he: “Today we must make reference to the intrinsic quality of people, Albinos have gifts... we must identify the main gift in each albino and entrust them with the mission of materializing its donations before joining his ancestors » Raïmi Amoussa, Metaphysician and Plastician

Biogenic Structure – Telluric Force: The Agué-Yovos have a connection to the underground world of termites and to their biogenic structure as a living organism. The symbolism of the termite mound has two poles which are as follows: the first pole concerns the unique character/complexity of the Agué-Yovos who are Melaninated Beings devoid of Melanin (paradoxical isn't it?) hence the unique and complex appearance. The unique architecture of the termite mounds and the way in which they are erected in the light of day correspond, from a symbolic point of view, to the physical characteristics of the Agué-Yovos distinct from other kamites and which when exposed on a prolonged period in the sun causes them torment, and this is where the second pole of the symbolism of termites comes into play which represents the progressive and relentless destruction when we do not understand the function of termite mounds, one of which allows to restore biodiversity. It is a creation within creation in the same way as the Agué-Yovos which illuminates us with their presence thus allowing us to understand the complexity of the underground worlds and the secrets surrounding divine melanin.

Celebration & Festivities – State Recognition: At the level of legislation on Katiopa (Africa) measures must be taken by governments to make populations aware of the existence of the Agué-Yovos. This state of being should no longer be cataloged as a disease, but rather as a specific genetic condition. We must also remove from our vocabulary the generic and leukodermic terms Albino/Albinism and use terms that the Agué-Yovos themselves have decided to choose to redefine themselves or terms that come from our respective languages, which do not overshadow them and whose French translation refers to their skin color in a luminous way and not as a defect. The brilliance of mind of the Agué-Yovos must be called upon in the gestation, conception and materialization of the ideas and projects that concern them. Don't forget that they live the entirety of this incarnation, it is up to them to have the honor and privilege of deciding what they are.

Mawu • Lisa | Agué • Yovos – Parallel Universe: the Agué-Yovos are beings of the night and therefore therefore associated with feminine energies, the earth (telluric force) and the Sacred Feminine. Our melanin absorbs UV rays causing our skin to reflect the sun. The Agué-Yovos are incapable of this, but yet you can see them in the darkness of the night sparkling with light. If the sun turns out to be harmful for them when they are exposed to it ostentatiously, don't you believe that the lunar star has a different and rather beneficial impact on their cellular composition? Our scientific researchers should look into the question.

Great Energy Potential – Ingenuity Clairvoyance: The flash of genius of the Agué-Yovos is characterized by Remarkable Intelligence and the wise use of the Innate Gifts & Talents that they possess. When this intelligence is sublimated and exalted, it metamorphoses into a Clairvoyant Ingenuity allowing them to have knowledge of parallel universes because being very sensitive beings, they are endowed with a strong intuition which helps them to better understand everything that concerns the psyche and the cosmos.

Rarity & Preciousness of the soul – Seasoned: Being seasoned souls, the Agué-Yovos enlighten us on the rarity and exceptionality of the Melaninated Beings that we are. It is through this that we will know the preciousness of the soul when we cross the Doors of the beyond and that we will have to relive the feelings/emotions linked to the Psychic Anteriority of our Memorial Joy & our Painful Memories and about how we have acted towards ourselves, them and other forms of creation.

Symbolism of the Salamander – Alchemy & Regeneration: Why is this amphibian associated with the Agué-Yovos? The salamander breathes through its skin, it can regrow its legs when they have been cut (too bad this is not the case for the Agué-Yovos having been amputated or one of whose organs has been taken without their knowledge, force and without their consent). The Salamander indicates the perpetuation of our sacred ecology by drawing a parallel with the delicate skin of the Agué-Yovos, they must hydrate it with the greatest care on a daily basis, this brings back to us the notion of maintaining our body and our mental on a recurring basis. The Agués-Yovos represent and symbolize self-awareness (being different from the mass), illumination (understanding the reason for our existence), regeneration (transmuting the abyssal shadow into cosmic light) as well as psychic and mediumistic abilities (great insight, being in contact with the astral world and the spirits of the beyond).

Great Light & Lunar Presence – The Agué-Yovos have a Lunar Presence when the Day becomes brighter through its Solar Corona. This Lunar Presence transmits to us the vital energy of the cosmos, initiates movement and change. When the Night darkens with its Lunar Diadem, the Agué-Yovos sparkle with their Great Light and transmit to us night vision, divine secrets, aquatic mysteries, the dream world, transformation, resilience and the triumph of Light on Darkness.

All Kugaruka's writings are legally protected in terms of Intellectual Property and Copyright.

© Kugaruka

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