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Sun Râ ••• Cosmic Visionary, Intergalactic Pioneer and Afrofuturism Prophet

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Sun Râ dressed in original/colorful clothing and crowned with a solar disk found in the iconography of the kemit goddess Aïssata Set-Kem Meri Amen (Isis), Oakland Collection of John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis

If I told you I came from space, you wouldn't believe a word I said. Is not it ? […] Why should you ? " Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 38.


During Season IV (2014), at a casting for the “Black Fashion Week” in Tio'hià:ke (Montreal), I met a young girl with whom I had a strange conversation. A conversation which metamorphosed into a questioning of so-called revealed religions, in particular Christianity, which according to her was a plagiarism of the Ancestral Spirituality of the ancient Egyptians, namely the Cult of Aïssata Set-kem Meri Amen. I was very interested and at the same time intrigued because she had just told me that I was on a personal quest to know why I was a Kemetic Androgynous Soul. At that time, I classified the information that she had told me as being elements relating to the domain of knowledge and general culture that could not help me understand who I was since I dissociated them from spirituality. During the same season, while listening to Venus, a song by Lady Gaga, I discovered some unexpected elements of answers. I found it quite curious that she composed a melody in honor of a planet, but nothing surprising coming from her knowing the history of her sartorial extravagances and the somewhat evil component of her video clips. I tried to find out the reasons for this title and during my investigations, I discovered that she was inspired by the Afro-futurist Jazzman singer Sun Râ who claimed to come from Saturn and who preached a strange Cosmic Philosophy. It was at this precise moment that I was inspired to write what I called Cosmic Tales. I decided to combine these writings with my drawings and create a Facebook page to share my Art under the title “Eddyshine|Tuxedo Arts”. This passion lasted for the moment of a season, Season V (2015) because the foundations on which I had based my project were incorrect. I was under the yoke of spiritual alienation without even realizing it and in a purely egoistic perspective of recognition. Concerning my Art, some of my drawings were not perfectly accomplished and even bordered on amateurism. The Cosmic Tales, which were of poetic splendor and somehow totally incomprehensible to the majority of readers, were difficult to combine with these drawings. That same year, I made the decision to completely delete my page by emptying it of all its content. I found that what had been done did not live up to my expectations and that this somewhat messy artistic work did not reflect the immensity of my talent. It was essential for me to recharge my batteries and perfect my Art. This artistic blur was explained by the fact that certain elements of my life were on hold. Indeed, I had not started a Healing process which would have greatly helped me to make my Art sparkle and I was still under the influence of foreign egregores. However, I was in an incessant spiritual quest, Christianity in its Western version having failed to restore my soul, I began to be interested in other forms of spirituality which during Season VI (2016) have called into question the foundations of humanity. This new form of spirituality, although it had helped me on many points, left more questions than answers. A period that I called “The Meanders of the New Age”. On my return from Abidjan, during Season VII (2017), I noticed that something had changed in me and that particular circumstances had led me to exercise Prudence and Discernment so that many truths were revealed to me. After careful introspection and deep reflection, the name Kugaruka was revealed to me after having conscientiously searched for this name in my mother tongue Kirundi-Kinyarwanda without however attributing the name to me as I officially announced it during the mirror year 2020 and reaffirmed in 2021. Kugaruka is also a platform in which my stylistic writing is reflected in the publication of each article inserted in a dedicated section and with the particularity of speaking directly to your inner cosmos so that you are greatly edified.


Sun Râ ©DavidRedfern

“[…] one of the unpleasant consequences of the organization of American society is the result of an insidious brainwashing whose origins date back to the time of slavery: serfdom, accompanied by its panoply of humiliations , mortification, attacks on moral and physical integrity, provokes elusive and regressive behavior in those who suffer it. Hypocrisy, dissimulation, treachery, laziness, infantilism, irresponsibility, masochism and attachment to the executioner are all neurotic behaviors linked to the conditions of prisoner, hostage, even of long-colonized peoples […] Thus, slavery has it contributed to destroying the image of the black family, to castrating the black man, to disintegrating the emotional ties that attach a child to his mother, to creating an inferiority complex and a self-hatred that is still tenacious among blacks. 'Today. This gives rise to a whole range of personal troubles and inner conflicts, with their inseparable procession of problems, taboos and blockages […]” Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, pages 166 and 176.

Like Kenneth & Mamie Clark, Frantz Fanon, Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Joy Angela Degruy, Carter Godwin Woodson – author of the title The Mise-Education of the Negro having preceded the only discographic masterpiece of the famous Lauryn Hill – Sun Ra had succeeded in understanding the mechanisms and workings which contributed to the destructuring of the Kamite People-Nations as well as to the transgenerational traumas which were imprinted in our DNA.

[…] The problem, he thought, was that black Americans had gone in the wrong direction by unthinkingly accepting a past manufactured especially for them. This past downplayed, ignored or outright denied their greatest achievements, whether found in Egypt, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the Bible or world history in general […] Egypt was the kingdom of discipline, precision, culture, beauty and Art: by thus magnifying black history, he showed black people that they were being made fun of with impunity, that they were being manipulated, that someone one sought to hide from them a truth which did not suit everyone". Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 224

Sun Ra had very early realized that our history had been falsified by the Pale Faces and that we had inherited a story riddled with lies wanting us to believe that our history was limited to slavery and colonization. Just like the Grand Sheikh Anta Diop, who triumphed at the Cairo conference in 1974 by irrefutably demonstrating that the ancient Egyptians were kamites, Sun Ra spread a message which consisted of revealing to us the truth about the brilliant ingenuity of our ancestors through his speech, his music and his cosmic philosophy.

Sun Ra’s message was spiritual and peaceful: he was here on Earth to raise human consciousness. In this sense, any revolution or violent act of rebellion is a vain act, because it is contrary to its principles and ideals. As a good pacifist, he was categorically opposed to all forms of violence, and as a result, the notion of revolution had no meaning for him. In this, he radically diverged from the opinion of Malcolm freedom was in his eyes a gross error. In summary, the ultimate outcome is not necessarily freedom as we imagine it, and the way to achieve it is neither through politics nor through weapons". Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, Note 139 on page 125.

How many kamites would have had such ideas/thoughts at a time when racial segregation marginalized us from society in a shocking way like in Azania (South Africa) with Apartheid? Sun Ra was a Visionary like James Balwin and they had transmitted the messages of celestial entities one through music, the other through writing so that we know that we should raise our vibration rate to understand that in reality the visceral hatred that the Leucordemes spread on the planet by sowing chaos and desolation was directed against themselves and that this was indicative of a lack of inner harmony, of a titanic conflict mirrored with the image that they have of themselves and of what they represent in the eyes of humanity to whom they owe reparation for the harm they have caused.

Sun Ra wearing a brilliant outfit reflecting starlight like cosmic diamonds. We find this clothing style in the prelude to the Film / Album When I Get Home by Solange Knowles and in the video clip Find Your Way Back by Beyoncé ©SeftonSamuels



[…] Musicians, sound scientists and sound wave artists are called sound waves.” Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 231

Sun Ra knew the composition of his musical notes to perfection. He had succeeded in accurately transposing the celestial symphony into his musical compositions which until now remain strange for music lovers who have failed to understand that his Jazz-Afrofuturist was part of a cosmic continuum of which he had the secrets because of his connection with the creator. Sound waves have therapeutic virtues, he must certainly have been initiated into this type of knowledge like the Kômians who use music to heal the mind and body of sick people who seek them. They are experts in music therapy, as Koffi Modeste Armand Goran explains in a book dedicated to them. One of the roles of the Kômians as Priestesses/Mediums is to participate in the cohesion and stability in the societies in which they find themselves.

Sun Ra explains to us how he met, on Saturn, space beings dressed in robes – like the angels and the chosen ones in the conversion stories. These mysterious beings ordered him to return to Earth (against his will) to deliver to humans a message of peace, love and music". Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 191

There are other humanities and the Dogons are one of the peoples of katiopa (Africa) with very advanced and complex astronomical knowledge on the reality of these other humanities even before the creation of the telescope and NASA. They also claimed that this knowledge had been transmitted to them by beings from space and the cosmos. Could we be my Lights, Cosmic Stars originating from Sirius and the Constellation of Orion ? The question remains, one thing is certain: once again Sun Ra knew it as an intergalactic precursor.

[…] There are different kinds of beings, each one follows its own path and its own voice, just as each color has its own vibration. I see the race in terms of vibration – rays, waves […] In the scheme of things, even the least of our brothers knows his day, and when you realize the significance of that day, then you will feel the presence of 'an angel in disguise". Extract from Szwed, John F., op.cit., p.313. Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, pages 127-128.

Certain Beings are governed by the Law of Exceptions within the Kamite People-Nations such as the Guardians of the Doors (Woubi & Yossi), the Ibédji (Twins), the Agué-Yovos (Albinos) because they vibrate at another energetic frequency due to their own configuration. A creation within creation. Sun Ra once again demonstrates to us his clairvoyance and his extraordinary ability to recognize the existence of other complex Beings who came to earth to fulfill their destiny according to the soul contract that they signed before reincarnating.


Sun Râ, 1972 ©JimNewman

Sun Ra dedicated his music above all to the Creator of the Cosmos, and not to extra-terrestrials as some thought. Using his Supersonic Jazz, he created a shield of beauty that protected the Earth from harmful cosmic forces, while patiently waiting for humanity to wake up from its heavy sleep and finally access a higher state of consciousness". Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 242

As a musician, he was not looking for fame, he composed his sounds taking into account his cosmic inspiration and the scope of the intergalactic message he had to deliver to humanity. However, it is clear that during his lifetime and when he crossed the Gates of the Beyond his notoriety was considerable in the music industry (and even outside) making him the Guarantor of Jazz Afrofuturist having influenced remarkable artists like Janelle Monàe, Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, Lady Gaga, etc...

The name Arkestra that he found for his group in 1955 was also the result of a play on words: the prefix ark- referred to the ark of Ra (arche is ark in English), that is -say to his solar boat. Arkestra is also composed of the prefix ar- and the suffix –ra, which are in fact one and the same word: Ra. But let's let Sun Ra himself shed some light on this subject: There is a "Ra" at the beginning and at the end of Arkestra. Ra can be written “Ar” or “Ra” and at both ends of the word we find an equation: the first and the last are equal […] This is phonetic balance. In the middle there is “kest”, which is equivalent to “kist”, as in “Sunkist”, and at first I wrote it “Arkistra”. I read that in Sanskrit, “kist” means “ray of sunshine”. That’s why I called my orchestra “Arkestra”. Plus, that’s how black people pronounce the word “Orchestra.” Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, Note 203 on page 184

You see that Sun Râ had remarkable analytical precision both in his music and in the symbolism of the name he gave himself. Sun Ra = Sun in English; Solar God in Kemet. We could therefore say that Sun Ra had the following name: Double Solar Divinity. The names we give ourselves have a cosmic scope beyond what we could imagine. Drawing a parallel with my name Kugaruka and the careful way in which I select the titles of my articles / videos, I find it quite strange the way in which like him I take into account the phonetic balance, the sound vibration of the word / name, its deep meaning, its symbolism as well as its auditory resonance.

"[...] the concept was to offer humanity the keys to cosmic knowledge through all kinds of media: music, poetry, books, films, science [...] the statutes of the corporation […] To carry out intergalactic-infinite spiritual-cosmic research relating to the worlds-dimensions-planes of existence in the galaxies and universes, beyond the current imagination of humanity, beyond the sun central intergalactic, and carry out work relating to the spirituality and spiritual advancement of our presently known world. To awaken the spiritual consciousness of humanity by putting it back in contact with its “Creator”. To ensure that humanity is aware of the fact that there are other superior beings […] on other planets, in other galaxies. To make humanity aware that the “Creator” (God) is here and now and is also present in other worlds-galaxies. To help eradicate (destroy) ignorance by destroying its main purpose, changing ignorance into creative progress. To use these spiritual-cosmic values ​​for the advancement of the peoples of Earth and the creative living beings of this galaxy and galaxies beyond the intergalactic central sun. To establish spiritual energy regenerating homes (Churches) where people can come to recharge their spiritual energy and seek their “natural Creator” (God). To accomplish the works that the Creator (God) has asked us, “Ihnfinity,” to accomplish. » Sun Ra, A Black in the Cosmos; Aurélien Tchiemessom, page 240-241

Sun Râ was one of the Creator's recipients as a Cosmic Visionary, Intergalactic Precursor and Guarantor of Afrofuturism. He officiated as Oracles & Cosmic Messengers. He knew that the universe in its immeasurable complexity had a particular way of communicating with us so that we were awakened to the existence of Interstellar Beings who incarnated as Avatars to make Light Triumph over Darkness.

Sun Râ and members of the orchestra during a filming resembling an Intergalactic Congress, 1972 ©JimNewman

All Kugaruka's writings are legally protected in terms of Intellectual Property and Copyright.

© Kugaruka

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