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The Symbolism Greatness of Fathers

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

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In this article, I will address a complex and recurring theme within Kamite (black) communities, it is the Symbolism of the Father in its negative polarity. I would like to point out that this problem is also present in other communities, but I am specifically interested in the Kemetic Nations, in the repercussions of slavery, colonization on ours and more particularly on the parent-child relationship which is no longer what it was before the colonial invasion. I will focus particularly on the Father. I will illustrate my point by revealing to you how the absence of my father disoriented my masculine energy, how I managed to understand the mechanism that triggered this imbalance and the way in which I managed to demonstrate resilience. This article is complementary to the article entitled The Magical Power of Mothers


It was important for me to approach this subject from the perspective of a child's feelings towards his father and to include a Kemetic man in the writing of this article. This is Ans Stéphane Tano, a brilliant lawyer whom I have known since Season IV (2014) and who through a combination of circumstances became someone with whom I would not have believed that we would have such great affinities. I wanted him to participate in the writing of this article because of the relationship he established with his father which is certainly different from mine, but which oh so echoes other Kemetic souls.


Kugaruka Nsoromma Yahmessou Àṣẹ Sankofa Meri-Imana © Odile Silva


When my father met my mother, you should know that I was not planned in the scenario. My mother told me that he nevertheless expressed his joy when I was born and as tradition dictates in Senegal (my father having grown up in the Land of Teranga) when twins have boys, the latter bear the names and first names of their uncle-father. I am therefore energetically connected to my father's twin while my paternal cousin is connected to my father. It is important to understand my father's dynamic to know what state of mind he was in and why he did not show up in my life as a father should. My father comes from a large family and, what's more, he has the particularity of being paired with another person with whom he forms an entity, two facets. Depending on the region in which twins are born on KMT (Africa), they will be perceived as a source of blessing or misfortune. I can therefore say with certainty that I have two fathers: my biological father and my uncle-father who is not an uncle, but really an uncle-father because of this twin characteristic. My father always had great ambitions for himself, which is why he secured a very lucrative career in the French civil service. He only forgot to take care of his family emotionnally and loved ones who counted on his presence, including the child that I was.


Being a patriarch as a Kemetic man in the neocolonial structure we live in requires us to be vigilant, protective, ambitious, excellent, considerate, insightful and courageous. We must build ourselves in fraternity with other men who will be our allies, rivals, friend-enemies, lovers, mentors, brothers and symbolic fathers. We must build ourselves in opposition to those who participate in the destructuring of the Kemetic Nations that we are. We must build ourselves in complementarity with Women and Intermediate People. My father grew up in the end of colonialism system before the establishment of the neo-colonialism during the independence movements in 1960's. which may well partly explain his emotional distancing from me. Certainly, he contributed financially through monthly Western Union payments to ensure that I could survive, but this paternal duty was perceived by him as a burden (don't forget that I was not included in his plans). My father having been in France had to face the policy of integration or disintegration of the French Republic and suffer the full brunt of racism, racial discrimination and see his skills constantly called into question due to his skin color. Having succeeded in his career, he becomes the flagship and financial compass of his family unit. What was left for the beloved child that I was?

Father-Child (Son)

Who is this father that I only know through my mother? Who is this father that I have seen three times in my life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood)? Who is this father who deprives me of his presence, thus weakening part of my masculinity? It was as I grew up that I noticed that the other children I was with had a father physically present. Whether these fathers were also emotionally present is another matter. Regardless, this void was filled by toxic masculine prototypes who saw my uniqueness as an Intermediate Person as a weakness, making me understand that I was certainly a man-woman but I didn't belong to the male arena. Not being able to refer to a caring male authority figure and having to deal with my mother who had ambiguous feelings seeing the child I was, I had to find an alternative path. She had a conscious love manifested for the son that I was and an unconscious hatred of the father in me whom she perceived and who had caused her so much sorrow and bitterness. My father, the one I no longer dare call dad to whom I wrote a very severe letter with an ultimatum and who after two sabbatical years came back to me in 2020, the mirror year, recognizing that he had not been up to par as a parent. This father now only officiates as my Ancestor ensuring that I an myself my own Father, the Patriarch of Saturn.


What does it mean to be a father ? : A progenitor ? A financial provider ? A friend ? A mentor ? A support ? If we asked this question in a different sense... What is a son ? : A copy of his father ? A being who must assert himself as soon as possible ? A student ? A slave ?

The reality of this question is a recurring question for me. What a place in a family where I am the last boy and in which the patriarch is a man of power and, what's more, a soldier. It takes time to understand this character who was a model without being one, a motivation without ever having really spoken in this sense, an enigma which the closer it got, the further away it got. My father was that stereotype that we see in films and in discussions for laughs: a tall, imposing man, who sometimes inspired respect and sometimes fear at a time when our dear Ivory Coast was looking for its leaders; he decided to work in the shadows. Work for a country under construction at the highest level and be recognized in certain spheres of the State and be unknown to the public; what attitude could emanate from your being? When you are an inscrutable man, visibly flawless in a hostile environment where all the ideas of a new country abound with their share of rivalries and wickedness. In Africa it is important to be protected from potential jealous and (imaginary) enemies; the reflection you have will ensure that the gaps are filled, particularly the most well-known which is your family and more precisely the children.

Military family

The narrow vision of a young Ivorian child who unanimously resembles his father who obviously thought that everyone loved him sincerely because of what we call “undercover” (you are the son of…so…). Who couldn't understand that his father was so indifferent in public and even more so at home with philosophical words that had no meaning for my little self. We are used to moving from barracks to barracks so we generally live in an environment littered with military references on a daily basis. This father who was in public for his colleagues an iron man could not soften when during my impromptu outings we found ourselves around a tree (military barracks often have a mini forest for training purposes) but who came home much earlier to stay at the bedside of his child who he knew was suffering for some reason. What child could I be if I didn't say that seeing soldiers swalow my father's words is not proof of admiration for him and therefore it is obvious that I paid special attention to imitating him in my personal circle. A childhood which boiled down to never appearing overwhelmed by a situation of always being one step ahead but also and above all of being permanently autonomous on all levels because in our logic if you depend on any person the domain you are simply dominated.

To be a man ?

Evolving in a particular context, living in a logic that I think is original means that today the notion of man is a concept that could resemble that of my father. Should we be one step ahead at all times? Should we be insensitive? Should we evolve on our own based on the sole logic that we must be the elite at all costs? Should we guard our emotions and rarely share them at the risk of being disappointed? Should we follow a set path to be the good child or should we on the contrary chart our own path even if it means disappointing our parents and thereby making them understand that we are independent men who even go beyond the opinions of their parents? What is a child? What does it mean to be a man as a result of this reality? Let us be sure that we can criticize our parents' way of doing things but as they say in Ivory Coast: it is in front of the wall that we see who the real mason is. When our children give their opinion about our parentage we will see if we had chosen the best way to educate. The reality of this question is for me a recurring question: we are still looking for the answer to all of our questions; we just know that we have been influenced.


Each of the stories you have read resonates with a part of the Melaninated Beings that we are, in this case Men. I therefore propose resolutions based on the Symbolics of the Child, strongly inspired by my personal experiences and which I hope will ensure that your souls will be greatly edified.

1 - The Symbolism of the Child-Father: the child-father who lies dormant in us must be in the image of the regenerative Osiris-Horus relationship in which the son becomes his own father by taking into account the heritage of his progenitor to sublimate it and by ensuring to restore his letters of nobility to his Patriarch who was not able to understand that he was part of a great equation and that he therefore had to be connected and in fusion with his female counterpart.

2 - The Symbolism of the Genius Child : the genius child who manifests in us must shine in the Infinity of the Cosmos through the use of his Innate Gifts and Natural Talents. His model of fatherhood must be consistent with the legacy he wants to leave to his children. The child genius must surpass his/her parents and plug the father's gaps by living up to what he/she really is, that is to say a Great Spirit.

3 - The Symbolism of the Alchemist-Child: the the alchemist-child knows that he gives off a powerful aura that his father is not able to detect, nor even understand accurately unless this father has been initiated to the Mystery of Love. The child alchemist will have to transform this Mystery of Love into deep resilience to heal his afflicted soul. This resilience will be the catalyst for a new child who will no longer become a Progenitor, but a Genius and above all a Father to his children.

4 - The Symbolism of the Child-Teacher: the child-teacher, who was once a student, will have to realize that his soul journey will be the opposite of that taken by his progenitor. He must now officiate as the Master of his own destiny. The Destiny of the Child will make him a loving Father for himself and his children. He will now know how to honor the Mother of his children, the Almighty and Matriarch Isis.

All Kugaruka's writings are legally protected in terms of Intellectual Property and Copyright.

© Kugaruka

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